About Carol

Carol Runyans, aka Coupon Carol, first started couponing in 2007 when the recession made a not so nice impact on her family’s lifestyle.

Her husband’s very healthy six figure commission only income took a nose dive when the housing market began to fall apart.

Looking at ways to cut her household expenses, she began playing with coupons to score great deals on everyday items. What she learned over many months of research on the Internet has turned into a passion for teaching others how to save massive amounts of money by simply using coupons the smart way.

Now, not only could she provide for her family, Carol could help others by donating her extras to local shelters.

But there was still one problem.

How do you keep up with all those little pieces of paper?

When discussing couponing with her friends, everyone said how they would cut coupons out, but then forget them at home, or couldn’t find where they put them. Carol thought there had to be an easy way to organize coupons.

She tried various methods of organizing her coupons, including using baseball card pages in a 3 ring binder…which was great IF you enjoy origami! Folding the coupons just so they could fit in the small space and show the expiration date was very time consuming.

And let’s not even describe what happens when that 3 ring binder falls off the shopping cart!

Totally frustrated with the lack of an easy organizing system, she set out to design her own. Being the creative person she is, Carol sewed & tested several designs before she came up her Coupon Clip and File.